from the pastor's desk

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Look where God has brought us. Through many toils and snares truly we have already come. It wasn't an easy journey, but I must say a blessed one.

God has blessed this church family to serve the community and mankind from this location, the corner of Dixie Street and Smith Avenue where Holy Ghost Headquarters stands and shall forever live on.

It's my prayer that we build on the past looking towards the future as we continue to reach out to man, and seek out salvation for those who are lost.

Our motto here states that "Everybody is Somebody" for like Christ we must not have respect of persons. We are proud today to stay in the tradition of men and women of strong faith that beat the uncertainties of life that we could sustain as a symbol of faith, hope and most importantly a place where love abounds for all people.

Today, the question may be where do we go from here? After the accomplishments of such great pastors as Reverend Files, Reverend White and of course my beloved Father in the Ministry Dr. F. D. Betts. I feel honored to be Joshua, and continue to lead our people after the death of our Moses (Dr. Betts) to higher heights. A new day formed on the foundations that have already been laid. I see us as a people standing together UNIFIED; strong and determined to let nothing break our human chain and to allow nothing to come between us and our service for God.

It has been said that time brings about change. I'm thankful that our changes have been positive and I encourage you to give God all the praise for the blessed anointed power that has bestowed upon us.

Files Chapel it's our time to rise up and accept this mountain top experience. As of yesterday, today, Files Chapel is still a great church that filled with people that appreciate their heritage, the struggles and sacrifices of our loved ones. Let us be a congregation of people that will obey for its one desire to hear him say well done. So let us journey on always pressing toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. And as we go, let us take time to help somebody along the way. My prayer for you is that you shall be abundantly blessed as we reflect on the past; let us humbly anticipate the future.

Yours in Faith,
Rev. John W. Cade